NRP Choice

NRP Images for Choice
This instrument uses 24 images from the Not Real People (NRP) stimulus set in a choice reaction time task. Choice reaction time is a simple measure of how quickly and accurately an individual indicates the category to which a presented stimulus belongs.  In general, sexual preference studies using choice reaction time instruct a participant to use a mouse to indicate the position of a white dot superimposed on a possibly sexually attractive image.  In the NRP Choice test one of the NRP images appears on the computer screen and a single white dot appears in one of the four corners or the center of the image.  When the participant makes a “choice” (clicks on the dot) the software removes the image and dot and presents another set.

The rationale for the test presumes that, if the participant finds a particular image to be sexually attractive, he/she will take longer to click on the dot.  Thus, sexual attraction competes with the ability to quickly and accurately choose the position of the dot.

This test is not to be used in isolation nor should it be considered a diagnostic instrument.  It is a test of possible sexual interest, nothing more.

NRP Choice is an easy to use and very flexible program.   In test administration numerous options are available to the clinician/researcher.  These include the number of practice items (1-10), seconds between trials (1-4), and the times each image appears (1-6).  There are 24 images in the test.  It can be brief (24 images presented) or fairly long (144 images presented).


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