NRP Choice

NRP Choice This instrument uses 24 images from the Not Real People (NRP) stimulus set in a choice reaction time task. Choice reaction time is a simple measure of how quickly and accurately an individual indicates the category to which a presented stimulus belongs. In general, sexual preference studies using choice reaction time instruct a participant to use a mouse to indicate the position of a white dot superimposed on a possibly sexually attractive image.

New Product: AART An interactive assessment of sexual interest self report, for use with adolescents or adults who present with sexual offending or challenging sexual behaviour.

Affinity 2.5

Affinity is a computer based ipsative assessment of sexual interest which combines two overt measures of sexual interest (designed to enable assessees to report the age and gender of sexual preferences in some detail) with a covert, ‘viewing time’ validity measure.

SIPS (Sexual Interest Profiling System)

The Sexual Interest Profiling System is a computer-administered and scored version of the former Sexual Deviance Card Sort (Laws, Hanson, Osborn, & Greenbaum, 2000). A remarkably direct idiographic measure of various facets of sexual interest.


SIPS is a restricted assessment procedure. It may only be used by professionals experienced in psychometric procedures and in working with sex offenders.